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We really don’t know how we managed without the Dog Guard fence! We tried to “make-do” with an inexpensive fence purchased at a local pet supply store. It constantly allowed our German Shorthair to get through because the boundaries did not follow the lay of the land. Where there was a valley, Buddy sensed it, found the weak spot, and scooted right out of the yard. Then it was off to the races then for him! He ran through the woods, into the creek, across the road, into the neighbor’s yards and traveled where he pleased, coming home when he got ready. Thankfully nothing happened to him on his excursions outside. Our Jack Russell Terrier wasn’t even allowed outside, except on a leash, which provided little or no quality exercise for her because no matter how fast we run, the Jack is much faster! Blanca’s weight increased, and she was unhappy about the leash. We have had the Dog Guard fence for 6 months, and we are thrilled to say that not once has either dog gotten through or left the property on their own, The two dogs run and play together now, and we feel very comfortable knowing they are safe within the boundaries of our yard. Both dogs have lost weight, and get a great physical workout every day, which makes their behavior inside much more desirable. I have known Butch for several years through his BarkBusters training service. Being well –acquainted with Butch’s love of dogs, his work ethic, honesty, and tireless dedication to improving the lives of dogs and their owners, we trusted him to install a quality, well-made product at a fair price. One phone call was all it took and the next day Butch professionally installed the Dog Guard fence.

We absolutely recommend Butch and the Dog Guard fence to every responsible dog owner. It’s just the best way to keep your dogs happy and safe, which in turn makes you a successful and secure pack leader.

Cyndy A., Troutman, NC

I am so pleased with my Dog Guard fencing. Bella is a Sheltie, and is full of energy, but was kept indoors most of the time. Having the fencing allows me to turn her out into the yard without having to closely monitor her. The training Mr. Williams gave me was easily understood by Bella and she did not require more than two or three “corrections” before she learned her boundaries.

The installation of the fencing took only a short time and when Mr. Willliams was finished, the only noticeable difference in my landscaping were the boundary flags for training purposes.

Mr. Williams if very proficient in his installation and is a very pleasant gentleman with whom to conduct business. I highly recommend Mr. Williams and Dog Guard fencing for your pet.

Pam H., Newton, NC

We are completely satisfied with the entire experience of working with you and your company. Everything from the initial e-mail contact requesting a quote to the final installation and training for Bella. Everything happened in a timely fashion and made perfect sense, everything came together just as you said it would and there were no surprises. The customer service you provided regarding the adjustment to the range a and correction level have helped tremendously.

Bryan K., Hickory, NC


I wanted to let you know how pleased I was with you and Piedmont Pet Fencing. The installation was done on time and in a very professional manner. In addition, our dogs responded very quickly to your training and guidance. Finally, your customer service could not have been better. If anyone is thinking of putting in pet fencing or in need of training, I would strongly recommend that they call you first.

Scott R., Vale, NC

I had a Dog Guard fence installed in July. I work at a veterinary hospital so I contacted Butch Williams. We have two wonderful puppies, Bodie and Cheyenne. We knew we had to have a fence just as soon as we could get one. Working as a veterinary technician I unfortunately see a lot of animals come through our practice that have been hit by cars. We also see a lot of families who have lost pets because they have wondered out of their yards. I knew our puppies had to be confined to our yard to keep them safe. In asking the veterinarian who she recommended, without hesitation, she recommended Butch. I was just unsure of how old they had to be, so with my questions in mind, I called Bitch. He was wonderful, he took his time with me and answered all my questions. So when they were 4 months old he came out to install what we now call our “freedom fence” Butch worked with us as long as we needed. He trained us so we could train our puppies.

We were very impressed with how knowledgeable Butch was, when it came to the fence system. We were even more impressed with his genuine love and compassion of animals. It was very clear that our puppies well being was his main concern. He stressed how important it was to go slow with the training and make it fun for them and stress free. He assured us that they would catch on quickly, and boy was he right! Within 10 days they were off leash and knew where there boundaries were. Words cannot express the joy that we receive from sitting on our porch and watching them chase each other at full speed. The have one acre to run free on and the y are able to enjoy every inch of it.

We have had our fence for over 3 months now and any questions that I may have, Butch is always there to answer. It is very clear to me and my family that Butch is in this business for the love and safety of our “four-legged” children. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Dog Guard and Butch Williams!!! Please feel free to contact me if I could help you in making your decision. I enjoy sharing our wonderful experience with anyone willing to listen!!

Melissa P., Hickory, NC

Dear Mr. Williams,

I wanted to let you know how happy Tom & I are with our underground fence. I spent several months speaking with salesmen from the other underground fence companies and found none of them understood nor cared about the needs of our pets. I don’t believe it’s a “one size fits all” as most pet owners have different needs. You were the only person we met that had a background as a professional trainer and someone who not only understood pet behavior but cared. I really felt it would be a challenge to train 3 dogs, ranging in size from large to very small, all different breeds, different temperaments & ranging in age from 15 years to 7 months. We sincerely needed someone who was not just there to make a sale but also to be there after the sale. The information you provided us with, the understanding of our pets behavior and the one on one training you provided our pets has led to our dogs NEVER leaving the yard for ANY reason. I would not hesitate to recommend you and would encourage anyone who is considering an under ground fence to know the importance of having a professional dog trainer, such as yourself, be the first & last person they call for the job.

Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job & your compassion & love to our dogs.

Laurie P., Mt. View, NC

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